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Regional Land Policies Wiki

The Community Reviewers add content to these regional land policies as they become available.

  • The land use information provided here is intended to help geocachers comply with Groundspeak's cache placement guidelines; cache owners must obtain permission for cache placement from the appropriate land owner or land manager.
  • Responsibility for meeting local land laws and policies rests with the cache owner and responsibility for law and policy enforcement rests with the land owner or manager.
  • This site is not a complete list of land policies and laws. If your area is not listed, do not assume that there are no land use laws or policies. The onus for determining land laws and policies is on the cache owner.
  • This page is a work in progress. Additional and updated land laws and policies concerning geocaching will be added as the information becomes available.
  • Follow the usage guidelines (below).
  • Questions? contact@groundspeak.com

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