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COVID-19 Updates for Ohio

Guidance on New Cache Publications - UPDATED 6/9/2021

The Ohio Community Volunteer Reviewers are pleased to publish event caches of all types again, because there are presently no governmental restrictions on events as a result of COVID-19. We continue to update the Ohio section of the Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki in order to comply with current and emerging information and requirements from health and government experts. 

We continue to publish all physical Geocaches statewide that meet the Geocache Hiding Guidelines.  For park and recreational area closures in Ohio due to COVID-19, please check local park websites for the most recent updates.

Event hosts should consult State and County websites to make sure that their event cache submission complies with applicable laws and governmental orders, including at the County level.  Post-publication, event hosts are expected to monitor for changes in the restrictions applicable to public gatherings.  If an event was permitted at the time of publication, but subsequent developments places the event in violation of applicable laws, then the event should be disabled or archived.

Cache Maintenance Expectations

Geocaching HQ has asked the Community Volunteer Reviewers to "provide extra time for addressing maintenance issues on existing caches."  See the "Updates" page, "HQ's Response to COVID-19."  The Ohio Reviewer team is following this guidance. We don't want a cache owner to feel obligated to make a maintenance visit to their cache if they feel uncomfortable doing so. Accordingly, the community should not worry if they see a cache that has been temporarily disabled for several months, or one that has accumulated several consecutive DNF logs. We are keeping track of these caches and we will address the issues on a more flexible schedule. Cache owners who feel comfortable doing so are encouraged to visit their caches that might need maintenance. Cache owners with health concerns should post a brief explanation (without disclosing personal details) if their cache receives a "Needs Maintenance" log, a "Needs Archived" log, or a Reviewer log relating to maintenance. Cache finders are cautioned to check the recent logs before seeking a geocache that might be missing or damaged.

Thank you for understanding, and stay well.

Backwoods Reviewer, Keystone, Mr. Ollivander, Texas Tornado and The Brigadier

Akron - East Akron Cemetery - Summit County

Geocaches are prohibited on North Lawn Cemetery and West Lawn Cemetery by the Cemetery Administrator.

Akron - Akron Watershed Properties - Geauga and Portage Counties

The City of Akron permits the installation and upkeep of geocaches on Watershed properties within Portage and Geauga Counties.  Installation of a new geocache must be approved by the Watershed office before the geocache is installed.  If an unregistered and unapproved geocache is found on Akron properties, it will be removed without notification.

The application form can be downloaded here. It must be filled out and returned to the Watershed office either through mail to the following address: 1570 Ravenna Rd, Kent, Ohio 44240 Attn: Watershed Division, or through email to  If you are installing a cache you must wait until your application is approved.

Geocaching does NOT allow permission to trespass into sensitive areas. Areas not approved for geocaching:

-Lake Rockwell Reservoir and surrounding areas

-Akron owned properties around Lake Pippen at Towners Woods

-Any other areas already designated as “No Trespassing” including dams, dikes and other reservoir structures

Rules and Regulations regarding geocaching on Akron Watershed Properties.  Please refer to City of Akron website for specific information.

Ashland County Park District - Ashland County

 From the Ashland County Parks Website (follow geocaching links on page) as of November 2017.

 Note: The Cooke Family Wildlife Conservation Area in Richland County is owned and managed by the Ashland County Park District and requires a permit for cache placement.

1. Anyone wanting to place a geocache on park property must first fill out an Ashland County Park District Geocaching permit application. Permits are avilable online.

2. Cache maintaince: It will be the responsibility to inspect and monitor the cache frequently to ensure appropriate content and to maintain it as a family friendly cache. Caches should not contain food, firearms,drugs, nor any dangerous or adult items. The area must be inspected to ensure inpact is minimal or nonexistant. Individuals will be limited to(1)cache per park and/or a total of three caches throughout the park system. If a cache is found that it does not adhere to these guidelines, it will be removed, and the owner notified.
3. Cache Location: All caches need to be within 30 ft of an already established park trail, keeping the delicate flora in mind when choosing the location. Caches should not be placed by delicate vegetation/ flowers.

All caches must be in safe containers (no ammo boxes). Caches must be placed so that no digging is required and caches must not be nailed to trees. Caches must be public--- No member only or subscription caches.

4. Special exceptions: Crall woods will not allow caches due to the sensitivity of the native plants in the area, however, Sauers Farm will be available for placing caches (please do not place near the house or buildings).

All park rules must be followed, and hunting seasons should be noted when placing or searching for caches.

5. Caches must be relocated or repermitted every other year.

6. Avoid disc golf courses at freer field when placing caches.

If you have any questions about geocaching in the Ashland County Park District please email:

Beachwood Place - Cuyahoga County - Beachwood, Ohio

Cache placements are prohibited in Beachwood Place.

Canton City Parks - Stark County

A permit is required for caches placed in Canton Parks.  Please review the Canton Parks geocaching web page for a link to the permit application.

Canton - North Lawn and West Lawn Cemeteries - Stark County

Geocaches are prohibited on North Lawn Cemetery and West Lawn Cemetery by the Cemetery Administrator.

Cedar Grove Cemetery - Summit County - Penisula, Ohio

Cache placements are prohibited in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Cleveland Metroparks

As of 1 June 2013:

Cleveland Metroparks Rules and Regulations regarding hidden object activities (geocaching, etc.,).
In addition to
Cleveland Metroparks Regulations, the following rules/conditions apply:

Privately (not owned or managed by Cleveland Metroparks) placed hidden objects are permitted in Cleveland Metroparks under the following conditions:

  1. Hidden objects must be on and reached via designated Cleveland Metroparks trails. Places that can be reached on mowed lawn grass are considered on-trail.
  2. Participating in hidden object activities off-trail is prohibited.
  3. Hidden objects are prohibited at the Zoo, on golf courses, places with restricted access and in ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, ponds, and wildflower areas (also see 1 and 2 above).
  4. Tree or rock climbing to reach a hidden object is prohibited.
  5. The hidden object must be clearly labeled with the following information clearly printed on it: type of activity, owners name and contact information, date of placement and GC# if appropriate.
  6. A hidden object size must be in a container with a minimum size of 8 ounces.
  7. Hidden objects may not be ammo cans, PVC pipes, or have the appearance of a dangerous object.
  8. Contents of hidden objects should be family-friendly. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms, dangerous items and adult items are prohibited.
  9. Any hidden object that is not in compliance with these conditions or that is determined to be a nuisance will be removed and discarded without notice.

Seeking hidden objects must be done on designated Cleveland Metroparks trails.

Contact Info: e-mail:

Cleveland Metroparks specifically requires Volunteer Reviewers to review the volume of the cache container and the distance in feet a cache is location from an established trail or mowed area.  Caches are required to be within 20 feet of an established trail or mowed area.  Established trails are identified on CMP maps and marked by the park system.  Cache owners are required to provide this information before cache listing publication.

Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District - Franklin County

Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks requires a permit to place a cache within the parks, including the Alum Creek Multi-use Trail.  The geocaching rules and a copy of the park system's permit application may be found at this link (note as of October 2014 the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District link has ceased functioning.  Please contact the county for additional instructions.  Please review the information at the link for the park system's most recent geocaching requirements.

Map of Columbus and Franklin County Metro Park holdings.

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department - Franklin County

As of December 2011, all caches placed within Columbus Recreation and Parks Department properties require documented proof of permission posted to the cache page prior to publication of a listing.  Please consult Columbus Recreation and Parks Department's Park Listing to determine if your placement is in Columbus Parks.

Geocaching is prohibited in Nature Preserves managed by the department per Restriction 13 of Nature Preserve Rules and Regulations, "No geo-caching or similar activity permitted within Columbus Nature Preserves."

 As of November 2014, the permission contact for Columbus Parks is: Tina M. Mohn, Natural Resource and Property Manager (

Concord Township Cemeteries - Delaware County

Geocaches are prohibited in all cemeteries in Concord Township, OH (per complaint from Township 2/1/11).

Cooke Family Wildlife Conservation Area - Richland County

The Cooke Family Wildlife Conservation Area is located within Richland County, but is owned and managed by Ashland County Parks.  An Ashland County Parks permit is required for any cache placements.

Cracker Barrel - All Restaurant Sites

As of September 2007, Cracker Barrel corporate management has prohibited all new cache listings for Cracker Barrel Restaurant locations.

Crawford Park District - Crawford County

A permit is required for caches placed in Crawford County Parks.  Please review the Crawford Park District geocaching page for additional rules, a list of parks where geocaching permits can be issued, and a link to the permit application.

Crocker Park - Cuyahoga County - Westlake, Ohio

Cache placements are prohibited in Crocker Park and the Promenade.

Cuyahoga County Public Library - Cuyahoga County

Permission is required for any placement of caches on Cuyahoga County Public Library properties.

Preservation Parks of Delaware County - Delaware County

From the park website (as of August 2014):

"Geocaching, also called letterboxing, is a fun hobby that melds the use of technology with enjoying the outdoors. Preservation Parks does allow geocaches to be placed in the parks, as long as Park District guidelines are followed.

In all cases, geocache owners must fill out an application and meet with a staff member (usually the park manager), before a geocache is placed.

Geocaches are placed close to the trails or within public areas, to minimize the impact on wildlife habitat and other sensitive areas.

For more information, call 740-524-8600, ext. 2."

Useful links:

Geocaching Policy

Guidelines for Geocache Owners

Rules for Geocachers

Geocaching Application.

Eastwood Mall - Trumbull County - Niles, Ohio

Cache placements are prohibited at Eastwood Mall.

Erie MetroParks - Erie County

Erie MetroParks requires a permit for all caches placed on Erie MetroPark property.  For active Erie Metroparks locations, please review the park system's web page.  Contact Erie MetroParks for permission before placement.

Fairlawn Parks - Summit County - Fairlawn, Ohio

Permits are required for placements fo geocaches in Fairlawn Parks.

As of July 2017, Laurie Beisecker, Fairlawn Parks and Rec Director, stated a permit is no longer required to hides caches in Fairlawn Parks.

Fairlawn Parks include:

Bicentennial Park
Croghan Park
Fort Island / Griffith Park
Wood Park

Fairport Harbor - Lake County - Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Zion Lutheran Cemetery has prohibited cache placements within the cemetery.  A prior cache was removed by Fairport Harbor Police Department and archived at the request of the property owner.

Geauga Park District - Geauga County

A permit is required for all geocache placements in Geauga Park District.  Please note, Geauga Park District has holdings which are not open to the public.

Gorman Nature Center - Richland County- Mansfield, Ohio

Gorman Nature Center is located on US Route 42, South of Mansfield OH, in the area of N 40° 42.129 W 082° 33.354  Caches at the Gorman Nature Center require permission from its Director, Steven M. McKee.

Grandview Memorial Park - Portage County - Ravenna, Ohio

Geocaches are not permitted in this cemetery.  Two prior hides have been removed after land owner intervention 

Great Parks of Hamilton County

All caches placed in the Great Parks of Hamilton County must meet the following requirements:

  • All must have a Great Parks Permit Number on the cache page.
  • Caches larger than a micro must be in a clear container.  No camo tape or other covering is allowed.
  • Caches placed above the ground (e.g. in a tree) must be within reach of an average adult.
  • Caches cannot be placed on horse trails, bridges or conservation areas.
  • The description must include a statement that “participants must stay on designated trails until they get close to the designated area and follow all park rules.”

Link to apply for permit:

Hope Memorial Gardens - Medina County

Geocaches are prohibited in Hope Memorial Gardens (Lutheran Memorial Park).

Knox County Metroparks - Knox County

Permits are not required for geocache placements, but the Knox County Park District Director requires notification of the location.

Lake Metroparks - Lake County

Lake Metroparks requires a permit for all caches placed on Lake Metropark property.  This link provides a list of Lake Metroparks active parks.  Please note, Lake Metroparks has holdings which are not open to the public.

Please note, Lake Metroparks maintains a geocaching account with the player name LakeMetroParks.

For additional information, the e-mail contact address is:

Lakewood Park Cemetery - Cuyahoga County - Lakewood, Ohio

Geocaches are prohibited in all cemeteries in Lakewood Park Cemetery Lakewood, OH (per complaint from cemetery 7/30/17).

Licking County Park District - Licking County

Licking County Park District  requires a permit for all caches placed on Licking County Park property.  This link provides a list of Licking County Park District active parks.  Please note, Licking County Parks may have holdings which are not open to the public.

Lorain County Metroparks - Lorain County

Lorain County Metroparks requires a permit for all caches placed on Lorain County Metropark property. A complete list of the Lorain County Metroparks active parks can be found at the park system's website.  A summary of the park system's rules as of September 2012 is posted below.  Please consult the Lorain County Metroparks geocaching page for a current list of the rules.

  • Anyone wanting to set up a cache site on park property needs to fill out a geocaching permit application first.
  • Permits will not be issued before we receive a completed application with an original signature.
  • All application sites will be checked by staff and a Geocache Corps volunteer prior to issuing a permit.
  • It will be the responsibility of the cache owner to inspect and monitor the cache at least once a month to ensure appropriate content and maintain it as a family friendly cache. Caches should contain no food, alcohol, firearms, drugs, nor any dangerous or adult items. The area must be inspected to ensure impact is minimal if not non-existent. An initial contents list will be required before receiving a permit.
  • The permit is valid from the date of issue to May 1st of the same year. The cache or cache container must be labeled on the outside with the permit number easily visible.
  • All caches need to be within 50 feet of an already established Metro Park trail. Any off-trail hiking is discouraged as it negatively impacts the native plants and animals. Caches should not be placed by delicate vegetation and flowers. DO NOT LITTER.
  • Normally you may take something from the cache. If you do so, please leave an item. Do not take the log book or pencils. Sign the log book.
  • Not every park has suitable a site for a cache, such as the Golf Course or the Schoepfle Garden. Certain management activities and/or rare species may render an area unsuitable for a normal cache. The Metro Parks retains the right to determine which parks and areas are suitable for caches.
  • All caches must be located on or at ground level in safe, non-metal containers (No Ammo Boxes). Caches are placed so that no digging is required and caches are not to be nailed to trees.
  • Please participate in cache in/trash out.
  • Contact cache owner or the Park District if you find a cache has been defaced, vandalized or missing.
  • If a cache violates this agreement or is found without a permit, it will be removed and not returned. Please adhere to all park rules to avoid legal consequences.
  • Virtual Cache
    Although a virtual cache is an unobtrusive form of geocaching, the Metro Parks will reserve the right to review and issue permits for such caches. A virtual cache must be limited to an existing site or recognized and dedicated trail and not lead persons off-trail or into limited use areas.
  • Good luck, enjoy and respect this beautiful setting and plan your trip to conclude before sunset.
  • Geocachers assume all risks involved in seeking a cache.  

Mayfield Cemetery - Cuyahoga County - Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Cache placements are prohibited in Mayfield Cemetery.

Medina County Park District - Medina County

A permit is required for all geocache placements in Medina County Park District.

For answers to questions or addiitional information, please contact:

Mentor City Parks and Cemeteries - Lake County

A permit is required for caches placed in Mentor City Parks and cemeteries.  Please contact Parks and Recreation through the City's Contact page.

As of November 2017

Middleburg Heights Cemeteries - Cuyahoga County

Geocaches are prohibited by ordinance in all cemeteries in Middleburg Heights, OH (see GC2K9AW). This consists of Woodvale Cemetery.

Mound View Cemetery - Knox County - Mount Vernon Ohio

Physical cache placements are prohibited within Mount View Cemetery (adventure lab and virtual locations allowed with permission)

Mount Nazarene University - Knox County - Mount Vernon Ohio

Geocaches are allowed per Dave Cook, Facilities Director.

Northlawn Memorial Gardens - Summit County - Peninsula Ohio

Geocaches are prohibited in Northlawn Memorial Gardens.

Northern Ohio Railway Museum - Medina County - Seville Ohio

Permission is required from Northern Ohio Railway Museum.  Permission must come from a Trustee.

Ohio Dominican University - Franklin County - Columbus Ohio

Documented permission is required from Ohio Dominican University.  Permission must come from the Director of Public Safety.  All prior caches were archived at the request of the university.

Ohio Historical Society - Statewide

Ohio Historical Society properties require a permit for a geocache placement.  The OHS website provides specifics for geocaches placed at OHS properties.

Portage Park District - Portage County

Portage Park District requires a permit for all caches placed on Portage Park District property.  A map of the park district's active parks can be found at the park system's website. A summary of the park system's geocaching rules as of September 2012 is posted below. Please consult the park's Website for the most current information and the current permit form.

General Provisions

  • All requests for placement of a geocache must be submitted in writing to the Portage Park District, 705

Oakwood St., Ste. 4 Ravenna, Ohio 442 66 for approval and authorization . All park rules and policies


Required Information

  • Proposed geocache location in Latitude and Longitude with a written description of the location and

marked on a map.

  • Name and contact information of person(s) or organization placing geocache including geocache

website where posted.

  • Completed geocache request form, to be provided by Portage Park District.

Criteria For Review

The following is a list of criteria to be used in evaluating geocache proposals:

  • Impact to threatened and/or endangered species.
  • Impacts to sensitive areas or unique features.
  • Hazards and/or unnecessary risks.
  • Consistency with current land use.

Requirements for Geocache

Once approved for placement the geocache must meet the following requirements:

  • Park District rules stipulate that visitors must stay on designated trails. Geocaches may only be

located within 10 feet of the centerline of a trail.

  • Only micro, small, or regular containers are permitted (size not to exceed 12” x 12” x 12”).
  • Geocache containers must be labeled clearly stating what it is and that it has been placed with

permission from Portage Park District.

  • The geocache must not contain any food items.
  • The geocache must not contain any inappropriate, offensive, or hazardous material.
  • Violation of these requirements will result in removal of geocache.

Requirements for Geocache Owners

Once approved for placement the following requirements are to be followed:

  • The geocache must be maintained and checked periodically to ensure that no problems have


  • Permission must be renewed once every year if the geocache is to be active on park district land for

longer than one year.

  • Any notice on geocache website must state that the geocache is placed on park district land with


Violation of Policy

  • Violations of this policy will result in the removal of the geocache by park personnel and notice given

to posting website.

Reviewed and updated May 2017

Preservation Parks of Delaware County - Delaware County

A permit is required for all geocache placements in Preservation Park

A list of the active Preservation parks can be found at this park link.

The web site contains a geocaching overview, the geocaching policy, a list of guidelines for cache owners, and a list of rules for geocachers.  Please consult the web site of Preservation Parks for the most recent information.

Richfield Village Cemeteries - Summit County - Richfield, Ohio

Geocaches are prohibited in Village of Richfield Cemeteries.

Rules posted on-line and at all cemetery entrances include the following:
"Participation in any activity other than in reverence to the deceased, shall be deemed a misdemeanor."

This applies to:

West Richfield Cemetery
4219 Broadview Rd.
Richfield, OH 44286

Fairview Cemetary
3990 Brecksville Rd.
Richfield, OH 44286

Richmond Heights - Cuyahoga County - Richmond Heights, Ohio

The City of Richmond Height requires permission for caches placed on all park properties.

Riverside Cemetery - Cuyahoga County - Cleveland, Ohio

Since October 2004, geocaches have not been permitted in Riverside Cemetery.

RTA - Regional Transit Authority - Cuyahoga County

As of 22 October 2010:

Caches may only be placed on RTA properties with the permission of the RTA Transit Police.

Contact Info: e-mail RTA Tranist Police through account page: RTA PD

Saint Nicholas Orthodox Cemetery - Summit County - Springfield, Ohio

 Geocaches are not permitted in St. Nicholas Orthodox Cemetery.

Saint Josephs Cemetery - Franklin County - Columbus, Ohio

 Geocaches are not permitted in St. Josephs Cemetery as of August 2014.

Sandusky County Park District - Sandusky County

As of November 2014 geocaching is permitted at Creek Bend Farm and White Star Park.  Please check the park's activity page for current information.

Severence Town Center - Cuyahoga County - Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Cache placements in Severance Town Center must be confirmed with shopping center management contact name and phone number.

Southern Park Mall - Mahoning County - Boardman, Ohio

Cache placements are prohibited in Southern Park Mall.

Stark Parks - Stark County

A permit is required for all geocache placements in Stark Parks.  A map of the park system's active parks can be found at the park system's web site.  Please note, Stark Parks has holdings which are not open to the public.  A copy of the permit form can be found on the Stark Parks Geocaching and Orienteering page.  Per Stark Parks policy, Stark Parks must provide e-mail confirmation to the reviewer prior to publication.

As of September 2012, the Stark Parks geocaching coordinator is James Woodworth.

As of January 8, 2016 Quail Hollow was transferred to Stark Parks and new requires Stark Parks permission (not ODNR).

As of Spring 2019 Tam O'Shanter Park is managed by Stark Parks

State of Ohio - ODNR - Ohio State Forests

As of 18 July 2015:

Text below is a summary taken from Ohio State Forest policy (linked below).  Please consult the Ohio State Forest Policy for the complete policy.

A. Geocache Placement Guidelines

  1. A person wishing to place a geocache on state forest land must first apply for a Special Use Permit through the unit manager of the respective forest. Unauthorized caches will be removed. Applications for Special Use Permits will be accepted on a first come-first-served basis. There is no fee for a geocache permit.
  2. Caches may not be buried, but must be located above ground in a location that does not place the visiting public at risk of injury or harm and does not damage any tree, vegetation or natural feature.
  3. Caches may not be placed in any location that interferes with Division of Forestry resource management objectives.
  4. Each individual cache may be placed for a period not to exceed two (2) years. At the end of two years the cache must be removed by the permit holder, the site restored to its original condition, and the Forest Manager informed in writing of the removal.
  5. The Ohio Division of Forestry retains the right to limit the number and density of caches on state forest lands.
  6. The placement of a “Premium Member only Geocache” will not be permitted on State Forest lands. All caches on State Forest lands shall be available to the public without a fee.

B. Public Access to Geocaches

  1. Geocaches may not be accessed between the hours of 11:00PM and 6:00AM. Caches located at Hocking State Forest may be accessed during daylight hours only.
  2. Cache seekers or cache owners must abide by all other forestry rules and regulations.

C. Geocache Containers & Contents

  1. All Geocache containers must be clearly marked with the word "Geocache" and include the Special Use Permit number assigned to that particular cache.
  2. Maximum size of cache containers shall not exceed 600 cubic inches of capacity. Minimum size of cache containers shall not be less than 50 cubic inches of capacity.
  3. Cache containers may only contain a log book and non-perishable, family-friendly items.

D. Geocache Tracking

  1. District Foresters shall approve and issue all Special Use Permits for geocaches.
  2. Distribution of the permit shall be as defined in the Special Use Permit Policy.
  3. All prospective geocache locations will be checked by the respective District Land Management Forester against known and planned timber harvest locations, prescribed fire locations and any other management activity that could place the public at risk or jeopardize the Division’s mission or strategic plan.
  4. If it is determined that the location of an existing cache will place the public at risk, interferes with Division land management objectives, or is causing undo impact to forest resources, the respective State Forest Manager will notify the Law Enforcement/Recreation Administrator in order to have the cache removed or relocated.
  5. The Law Enforcement/Recreation Administrator shall keep a database of all geocache permits and will be responsible for notifying permit holders of changes in permit status and expiration dates.

Additional Information: Ohio State Forest Geocache Policy

State of Ohio - ODNR - Ohio State Parks

-As of 2020

Text below is a summary taken from Ohio Department of Natural Resources (see link below).  Please consult the specific State Park facility manager for any parks where you wish to place a cache before placing the cache.

  • A Geocache Pernit is required in advance to hide a cache; additional rules apply and are found on the application. There is no fee to obtain a Geocache Permit.
  • Caches shall only be permitted if available to the public without a fee. Caches advertised only to a fee-based membership group will not be permitted.
  • ODNR Division of Parks and Watercraft cannot be responsible for the security of caches. ODNR Division of Parks and Watercraft reserves the right at any time to limit the amount or remove a cache if it has an adverse effect to visitors, the property, or the property's operations.
  • Applications should be completed and mailed or emailed to the park where the cache is being placed.

Ohio State Parks Geocaching Website

Ohio State Parks Permit Application

State of Ohio - ODNR - Ohio State Wildlife Areas

The State of Ohio does not grant permission for geocaches in wildlife areas (hunting lands).  Text below is a summary taken from Ohio Department of Natural Resources two-page pdf (linked below). Please consult the specific State Park facility manager for any parks where you wish to place a cache before placing the cache.


  • Geocaching is NOT permitted in Ohio's state wildlife areas.
  • For additional State-wide information, please contact 614.265.6309.

Additional Information: ODNR Geocaching Fact Sheet

State of Ohio - ODNR - Ohio State Natural Areas and Nature Preserves

The State of Ohio does not allow geocaches in State Natural Areas and State Nature Preserves without a special use permit from the Chief of the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. 

ODNR Special Use Permit Information

Summit County Metroparks - Summit County

Physical geocache placements are prohibited in Summit County Metroparks.  Earthcaches can be placed with permission, but must be on trail.

The Wilderness Center - Stark County - Wilmont, Ohio

The Wilderness Center is located in Wlmont, Ohio, but has land holdings spread throughout Stark, Wayne, Tuscarawas, and Holmes Counties.  Permission is required for any geocaches place on holdings of The Wilderness Center.

Wayne National Forest - Athens County - Nelsonville, Ohio

Wayne National Forest in southeastern Ohio covers over a quarter million acres of Appalachian foothills. The Forest is divided into three units managed out of two Ranger District offices located in Nelsonville and Ironton, with a field office in Marietta.  Please refer to US Forest Service maps for land holdings in the Wayne National Forest.  All geocaches placed within the Wayne National Forest require a special use authorization for placement.  Please consult the Wayne National Forest website for a current list of geocaching regulations.  Those posted below were current as of June 2014.

  • A special-use authorization for any geocaching activity is required.
  • Use of motorized vehicles off roads or ATV trails to access geocache sites is prohibited.
  • Explosives, flammable materials, drugs, and other items that may pose a public health or safety risk are prohibited. A list of prohibited geocache materials will be included in the special use authorization.
  • Geocaching is prohibited in developed recreation sites, heritage resource sites, research natural areas, special areas, and candidate areas.
  • Allow no soil disturbance on the Forest for geocache placement. Caches must be covered with leaves or woody debris if the geocacher chooses to screen the cache at the site.
  • To minimize resource impacts, geocachers must remove the cache if the site receives a large number of visits by others, as evidenced by a well-worn trail or path.
  • After one year, regardless of site activity, geocaches must be moved to a new location or removed from the Forest.

William J. Robertson Nature Preserve - Rittman - Wayne County

All geocaches must be pre-approved to be placed in the Willian J. Robertson Nature Preserve. Email to request Rules/Application form, with the subject line of "WJRNP Cache". 

Whitehaven Memorial Park - Cuyahoga County - Mayfield Village, Ohio

Geocaches are not permitted in Whitehaven Memorial Park as of March 2022.

Wooster Cemetery - Wayne County - Wooster, Ohio

Wooster Cemetery Association requires permission for caches placed on all Wooster Cemetery Association properties

Wooster - City of Wooster Parks - Wayne County - Wooster, Ohio

From Jeff Battig - Wooster Recreation Manager - No special permission is required for the placement of caches in city parks.  11-14-14

Worthington Parks - Franklin County

A permit is required for all geocache placements in City of Worthington Parks.   A link to the City's permit application can be found on the web page link in the prior sentence.

About This Guide

The local laws and guidelines for geocaching placement vary from place to place. As community reviewers learn geocache placement policies for a certain location, they can add it here. This site may not be a complete or accurate list of land policies. These policies are made by the land owner or manager, they are neither the reviewer’s nor Geocaching HQ’s. This guide is just for reference, if no policies for the area you’re looking for are listed, that doesn't mean no policies exist. You must still obtain permission to place your geocache from the landowner or land manager,comply with all applicable laws, and follow the Geocaching Listing Requirements.

If you have an update, email the community reviewer(s) listed.

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