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Guidelines for hiding a geocache

The following guidelines must be followed.

  1. Any Geocacher wishing to place a geocache on a Green Status SWT Reserve, must email, stating the location in DD MM.MMM format.
  2. The location will be physically checked by SWT, and permission will be given if that location does no harm to the local ecology or create any access or health and safety issues
  3. If permission is given, the cache page must state ‘ Permission for this cache given by Somerset Wildlife Trust at’.  A hyperlink can be used.
  4. The ‘Note to Reviewer’ should contain the line ‘ Cache placed by permission of the SWT Geocaching Advisor, at
  5. Cache containers must be made of plastic, with a close-fitting secured lid, and must be larger than 100ml, to avoid swallowing by livestock or wild animals, and must be clearly marked, stating ‘Harmless Geocache’, and a contact email address.  The contents are subject to normal geocaching rules (no food, drink, alcohol, dangerous items)
  6. Caches must not be buried, or placed in animal holes or runs.
  7. Fake birdboxes, or other boxes that are normally placed for animals, must not be used for caches.
  8. Caches must not be placed in, or close to, dry stone walls.  Locations that are submitted for check that are close to dry stone walls, will probably be refused.
  9. The cache should be no further than  5m from a marked, or well-used path or trail and in some locations SWT will only grant permission for the placing of caches within 1m from the path to protect sensitive habitats and manage access.
  10. When leaving the cache site, there must be no signs of disturbance.
  11. Maintenance of the cache is the responsibility of the Cache Owner (CO).
  12. SWT are not responsible for any cache that is destroyed, or goes missing
  13. If the CO becomes aware of an accident to any participant, spectator, or other third party, as a result of the placing of this cache, then SWT must be informed as soon as possible.
  14. Cachers should be aware that there maybe  work being carried out on reserves, and if seen, avoid at all times. Cachers must adhere to any statutory or advisory signs on site.

Hiding a geocache

If you want to hide a geocache then please follow these instructions:

Confirm the reserve is one where caches may be placed (see the lists below)
Get the coordinates in degrees and decimal minutes format DD MM.MMM*
Email and include the following information:

    • Subject: Geocaching Permission Request
    • Your name:
    • Name of the reserve.
    • Coordinates

When you receive permission please copy the text of the email as a reviewer note when you submit your cache. Please also add to the description, "Cache placed with the kind permission of the Somerset Wildlfe Trust". You may include a link to the SWT website for the particular reserve.

*If you need to convert coordinates this site is very useful -

SWT Reserves where geocaching is allowed

 Click here to view the list of reserves

Aller and Beer Woods Nature Reserve

Black Rock Nature Reserve

Dommett Wood Nature Reserve

Draycott Sleights Nature Reserve

Dundon Beacon Nature Reserve (near Compton Dundon)

Gilling Down Nature Reserve (near Compton Dundon)

Great Breach Wood

Harridge Woods Nature Reserve

King's Castle Wood Nature Reserve

Langford Heathfield Nature Reserve


Quants Nature Reserve

Ubley Warren Nature Reserve

Velvet Bottom Nature Reserve

SWT reserves where geocaching is not allowed

 Click here to view the list of reserves

Babcary Meadows Nature Reserve

Bishopswood Meadows Nature Reserve (Blackdowns)

Burtle Moor

Chancellors Farm

Cheddar Wood  

Cheddar Wood Edge Nature Reserve

Chilton Moor

Edford Woods Nature Reserve

Fivehead Arable Fields Nature Reserve

Green Down Nature Reserve


Horsehill Coppice

King's Hill Gully

Long Wood Nature Reserve


Payton Marsh

Sharpham Moor Nature Reserve (Somerset Levels, near Street)

Tealham and Tadham

West Coker Fen Nature Reserve (near Yeovil)

Westhay Heath

Whitefield Nature Reserve (near Butleigh)


Aisholt Wood Nature Reserve

Bickham Wood Nature Reserve (near Chard)

Boon's Copse Nature Reserve (near West Hatch)

Brimley Hill Mire Nature Reserve

Bubwith Acres (including Bradley Cross Fields) Nature Reserve

Cockles Fields Nature Reserve

Cooks Fields Nature Reserve

Edford Meadow Nature Reserve

GB Gruffy Nature Reserve

Holford Kelting Nature Reserve (Quantocks)

Hollow Marsh Meadow

Huish Moor Nature Reserve (Brendons)

Jan Hobbs Nature Reserve (Blackdowns)

Lots Grassland Nature Reserve (Mendip)

Lynchcombe Nature Reserve

Mascall's Wood Nature Reserve (Mendips)

Middledown Nature Reserve (Mendips)

New Hill & Tannager Nature Reserves

Perry Mead Nature Reserve (near Babcary)

Prospect Fields Nature Reserve (near Langport)


Rewe Mead Nature Reserve (near Langford Budville)

Ringdown Nature Reserve (Blackdowns)

Ruggin Nature Reserve (Blackdowns)

South Hill Nature Reserve (near Somerton)

Street Heath

Sutton's Ponds

Thurlbear Wood Nature Reserve

Tor Hole Fields Nature Reserve (near Chewton Mendip)

Wellington Castle Fields Nature Reserve

Yarley Fields Nature Reserve

Yarty Moor Nature Reserve (Blackdowns)

SWT reserves where geocaching may only be placed by the SWT or a nonimated geocacher

 Click here to view the list of reserves

Catcott Complex Nature Reserves

Westhay Moor Nature Reserve

Withial Combe Nature Reserve (near Pilton)

Complete list of SWT reserves

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