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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

General Information

When will my Geocache be published?

In Arizona, we have 2 Volunteers who review and publish geocaches.  We strive to begin review of geocaches within 7 days.  Typically, it is much sooner.  If some of your geocaches are published by one reviewer and some are still unpublished, please be patient.  The other reviewer will get to them as schedules permit.  If for some reason one reviewer gets behind, it is possible that another reviewer will help out. 

Include a complete Reviewer Note about your geocache

We ask all cache hiders to provide basic information in a Reviewer Note about their cache. In your private response to me, please describe your cache container in detail, as well as how and where your cache is hidden and how a visiting geocacher finds and retrieves the cache.  If your cache is attached to anything, please describe the attachment method.  Be specific about how the cache is hidden.  And please do not say something like "The same as the rest".  Each cache page needs it's own description.

Some examples: pill bottle in a hole in the tree in 'Name of City park', hide-a-key on guardrail on 'Name of Road', in water, retrieved by pulling up line from Name of Park fishing pier, a keyholder magnetically attached to a lamp post in commercial parking lot. 

Please be specific about what the container is and the size.  Just saying a "plastic container" or a 'Metal box" is incomplete.  Is it a tupperware container, a film canister, a camo pill bottle on guard rail, a 5 gallon bucket, or a pipe resembling a stick of dynamite?  We want to know in case there is some question in the future by Law Enforcement or a property owner.

If you need to include a picture, please upload the image to a Reviewer Note.  When the cache is publishes, the image will be archived and not visible to the public.

Puzzle/Mystery/Wherigo caches

  • We need to know how your puzzle/mystery cache is solvable, please include this information in a Reviewer Note.
  • If a coordinate checker is used and a keyword is needed to solve the mystery cache, please include this information in a Reviewer Note.
  • Please do not put your 'posted' coordinates in areas where people should not search such as freeways, private residences, railroads, off-limits locations, or other areas where access is restricted.  Lakes and street corners are fine.  I know your cache page says the cache is not at the posted coordinates, but people do search those coordinates.  We have many new cachers who are using cell phones and may not look at the cache page.  If you have any questions about a location, feel free to ask one of us.

Disabled Caches 

If the cache owner intends to keep the cache in the game, they should:

  • At least monthly post ongoing status updates on the cache page using a Write Note log
  • Confirm when a maintenance visit has been completed using an Owner Maintenance log
  • Use the Enable option when it has been confirmed the cache is ready to be found

A Reviewer may Archive the cache if the cache owner has not posted an update within 14 days.

Health Score

  • To help improve the overall caching experience, Geocaching HQ created an algorithm to calculate a hidden Health Score for each geocache.
  • A low Health Score provides an indication that the cache may need attention from the owner.
  • The goal is to improve the overall geocaching experience and avoid frustrations due to missing or broken caches.
  • The algorithm isn't perfect; it cannot read and interpret the text within a cache page - however it does take the following aspects of a page into consideration:
  1.    Did Not Find logs (DNF)
  2.    Needs Maintenance logs (NM)
  3.    Needs Archived logs (NA)
  4.    Last find date
  5.    Difficulty and terrain rating
  • If the Health Score of a cache is calculated below a dynamic threshold, an automatic alert email is sent to the cache owner by Geocaching HQ.
  • A Community Volunteer Reviewer may follow up to perform further actions on the cache page.
  • Neither Geocaching HQ or the Community Volunteer Reviewer can assess the true status of a cache; it is the responsibility of the cache owner, as part of cache maintenance.
  • If there are a multiple DNFs logs on a cache - the community may not know if the cache is missing or is simply hard to find.
  • If a cache page has several posted DNFs - and the cache owner knows that the cache is in definitely in place - they should reassure the community by posting a Note log.

e.g. "There have been a few DNFs, however it is a clever hide! I checked on it this morning. Check the hint!"

  • If a Community Volunteer Reviewer does not see a posted response from a cache owner on their cache page after several DNF/Maintenance requests, it may be Disabled.
  • If a cache owner knows with certainty that their cache is in place and ready to be found, they may Enable the cache page, with an explanatory note.
  • If a cache owner is unable to definitively confirm the status of their cache, the cache page should remain Disabled and a Maintenance visit should be scheduled.
  • An Owner Maintenance log should only be posted after a maintenance visit has occurred.
  • Only when a cache is confirmed to be in place and ready to be found should a cache page be Enabled.

The number of "false positives" flagged with this process are minimal compared to the number of abandoned caches that this process will remove from the game.

Event Stacking

An event must be a minimum of 30 miles distance or 5 hours before or after another event. This is a regional rule to prevent event stacking. A registered series of events can also be rejected as unique events, even if the distance is over 30 miles, if it is essentially the same group traveling from event to event. The intention of an event is to be central; a social gathering for and with geocachers.

Bullhead City Parks


All new geocaches placed in any parks or property owned by Bullhead city must receive permission prior to placement. All permission requests must be sent to the Recreation Manager.

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge


No geocaches allowed.

Cochise County


No geocaches allowed inside or outside of drainage structures. -Highway and Floodplain Division

Coronado National Memorial


No new geocaches are allowed.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area


No new geocaches are allowed.  There are a number of existing geocaches in the park.  The park reserves the right to archive any or all of the geocaches at any time.  Rangers will normally gather any geocache if they come across it.

Golf Courses

No geocaches are allowed on any Golf Courses unless permission is given by the golf course manager.

Grand Canyon National Park


Any new geocaches are not allowed.

Events taking place in Grand Canyon National Park are required to have an approved special use permit prior to submitting the event for review.

Special Use Permit:

Imperial National Wildlife Refuge


No geocaches allowed.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge


No geocaches allowed.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area


Any new geocaches are not allowed.

Little Free Libraries 

The libraries are privately owned and permission must be obtained from the library owner.  

Maricopa County Parks


No new geocaches allowed in any parks must receive written permission from Park Supervisors prior to placement.

  1. Adobe Dam Regional Park
  2. Buckeye Hills Regional Park
  3. Cave Creek Regional Park
  4. Estrella Mountain Regional Park
  5. Lake Pleasant Regional Park
  6. McDowell Mountain Regional Park
  7. San Tan Mountain Regional Park
  8. Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area
  9. Usery Mountain Regional Park
  10. White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Native American Reservations


Geocaches in Native American Reservations is not allowed without written permission from the tribal counsel.

  1. Ak-Chin Reservation
  2. Camp Verde Reservation
  3. Cocopah East & West Reservation
  4. Colorado River Reservation
  5. Fort Apache
  6. Fort McDowell Reservation
  7. Fort Mohave Reservation
  8. Fort Yuma Reservation
  9. Gila River Reservation
  10. Havasupai Reservation
  11. Hopi Reservation
  12. Hualapai Reservation
  13. Kaibab-Paiute Reservation
  14. Navajo Reservation
  15. Pascua-Yaqui Reservation
  16. Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
  17. San Carlos Reservation
  18. Tohono O’odham / San Xavier Reservation
  19. Tonto Apache Reservation
  20. Yavapai-Apache
  21. Yavapai-Prescott Reservation

Native American Ruins

No geocaches are allowed on any Native American ruins.

Phoenix Mountain Preserve


Placing geocaches in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve is not allowed.

  1. Lookout Mountain
  2. North Mountain/Shaw Butte
  3. Phoenix Sonoran Preserve
  4. Piestewa/Dreamy Draw
  5. South Mountain

Picacho Peak State Park


Any new geocaches are subject to a permit process and approval by the park manager before they can be placed. Information and permit application can be found at their website.

Pima County Parks

Web :

List of Pima County parks can be found here:

Geocaching is not allowed in Pima County parks without prior written permission from the Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation.

Park and Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

Power Trails

Please note - YOU will be the one responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your cache as outlined in the Guidelines. If you are not going to be able to regularly visit and maintain your cache as required then please do not submit these caches. Your prompt attention to any log that indicates things could be amiss will be greatly appreciated by all geocachers. The rule is; if you can't fix it straight away then "Disable" it until you can, see this Help Center Article:  

You, as the Cache Owner, may not ask “the community” to maintain caches on your behalf. In certain circumstances, you may designate other cachers to assist in maintaining. These other cachers must be active local cachers, local to the area where the cache is placed. However – you – as the cache owner - remain primarily responsible for all maintenance.

To help assure maintenance of this geocache power trail is performed the following wording needs to be placed on each cache page in a prominent location:

To assure this cache Power Trail remains active and available for all who seek these caches, this cache (and the others in this trail) is maintained by the cache owner (Name). (As appropriate – please add) These additional local cachers will assist with the cache maintenance: Name/Link, Name/Link, Name/Link.

Cachers are encouraged to communicate any caches requiring attention by placing a Needs Maintenance note on this cache page.

Plan your power trail wisely.  Check for minimum distance.  Geocaches must be at least 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) apart.

Railroad Property

Geocaches placed within 150 feet of an active railroad tracks, including spur lines, are considered to be on property belonging to a railroad and trespassing is prohibited by Federal Regulations.

Shopping Malls

Arrowhead Towne Center Mall - Permission from the Mall's Management Office is required before geocaches can be placed on the mall's property.

State Trust Land


Geocaching is allowed.  Cache page description must indicate the geocache is on Arizona State Trust Land and a pay permit must be obtained from the Arizona State Lands Dept (ASLD) before entering. 

Cache owner shall describe the geocache location, container, and how it's hidden as a Reviewer Note.

ASLD's Policy Memo 16-1

Governor Doug Ducey Announces Geocaching Now Allowed On State Trust Land

ASLD Parcel Viewer

Tucson Mountain Park


Geocaches are no longer allowed to be place on Tucson Mountain Park.

Park and Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

Wilderness Parks


Geocaches not allowed in Wilderness Parks.

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